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The bike had needed some minor adjustments and a couple of firm kicks before she was satisfied that it had quit making that grinding noise. KK did a few simple aerial maneuvers just to make sure nothing vital was going to fall off, before heading out over the water.

She didn't have much of a destination in mind at the moment, though she should probably be scouting out over the Millennium Dome. The water was taking its toll on the tensioned fabric, and the steel girders weren't going to last forever...Caz was right about needing to make a decision about whether they could put it to any use, soon.

She turned her bike in the direction of her thoughts and wondered if it would be worth it to try to build out here and expand the desalinization plant, or if they should just scavenge what they could from the lot and have done with it. Caz wanted to do bigger things, but KK wasn't so sure they should--at least not in such an exposed, indefensible place. There were always the arseholes form New Cross or other shitty settlements trying to take what belonged to someone else. An operation as big as Caz was thinking of would be a huge risk.

They would have to consider solar power, work crews, transportation, security... it made her head hurt to think about it.

She turned her bike after a few circles around The Dome, and headed back to her garage. There was work to do, and now that she knew her bike was in good order, she needed to get back to it.


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